Such an annoying and ridiculous time to be a gamer, honestly.

Stop with the fucking ultra day 1 edition exclusive special limited edition shit. Just make a game, pack AS MUCH shit into it as you can, and maybe 6 months later if people still love it, make DLC. Dont plan to drop shit once a month for 1000 months that costs us 20 bucks a pop that you blatantly have just taken out of the game and charged us for. 

And as for pre-orders? Fuck you too. Give em an artbook or different packagaing or something, not 40 bucks worth of shit that nobody cares about. FOUDFOWHFUOGFUGFIHGFIYGIFS

Turns out ive raised £39,000,000 for charity since I started.

Thirty nine MILLION pounds. To think what thats actually allowed charities to do. The amount of child soldiers ive pulled off the battlefield. Forced marriages ended. Genital mutilation procedures stopped. Politicial dictators being seen in a fair trial. How many malnourished kids ive saved. Schools, hopsitals and wells ive built. Domestic violence ive stopped. Sumatrian tigers protected. Kids sponsored. Vaccinations purchased. Water filtrated. Petitions filled. Climate awareness raised. Torture halted. Natural disasters aided. Diseases cured.

Fuck ever getting a real job. If all my work has made even one persons life better - then its all been worthwhile.

3am is shit

In the middle of my life reflecting a lasagne that has been thrown at a wall, the director of my whole company flew over today and just sat me down and bought me a million beers. The outcome of the conversation? I’m moving to Sydney in two weeks. Everything of a life I’ve built here, all the amazing friends and my new house that I love, have now been throw in the bin. Fuck.

"I never told you I wrote down your answers. Sometimes they were too hard to write"

The only time I feel aesthetically relevant to any sort of standards is when I have no clothes on. If that’s not the most backwards concept you’ve ever heard then I don’t know either.

Its so weird that seeing a petname in a sentence totally changes my mood. I am so susceptible to feeling wanted - even if its the furthest thing from that, misconstrued by the use of a petname. My brains weird. 

I need a spring clean of the mind. I absolutely cannot live in this stagnant headspace.

Anonymous said: I know you're not in a great headspace right now, but I've followed you for quite a long time now and I just want you to know that I honestly think you're an absolutely inspirational person. I have no reason to say this if I didn't honestly believe it to be true. I really think you are a wonderful person, and although I don't know you in person, I really hope good things happen to you very very soon.

Holy shit this is crazy nice. Had one of the roughest weekends ever, combined with me getting roughly 0 to 0 anons ever, this is a surprise but massively welcomed. You rule, thank you so much.

Tumblr does a good job at making me feel ugly turned on and lonely all at once.

Excited to go to work tomorrow looking like a bag of dicks.

Excited to go to work tomorrow looking like a bag of dicks.

Its difficult to remember that there was a time on this website where half the people you knew in life took their tops off on a Tuesday. How fucking bizarre is that of a trend? How do I start a a wave of people queuing at my door on a Tuesday giving me compliments or something? Im a petition for this.

Days off are alright eh

Days off are alright eh

So at my new work Im the coach. In fundraising there is usually only 1 coach - and our job is solely to make the the staff the most kickass awesome fundraisers ever.

For me, outside of their core skills, its all about mental management, brain de-compartmentalization, realizing that your mind is a separate entity - and generally just being able to make my staff aware of how to fix their own fundraiser issues without me having to be there to dissect them. A huge part of the job, especially with newbies who is predominantly who I work with at the moment is keeping them motivated and positive as its such a hard job. I can’t think of many jobs where you have to put on a mask, leave ALL your problems at home, and be a ray of happy sunshine for the general public. Its draining, and being the coach, who has to do all of this AND keep my staff motivated and positive, is exhausting.

Its nights like tonight where I come home and all the positivity burns off, and I retract back into the absolute burnt out shell that I’ve become. Wheres my life coach? The person that breaks down whats in my head, analyses it, realises exactly whats going on and fixes it for me? I need someone to shut out the noise and help me rearrange my thoughts. Eating myself alive.