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Outstanding team. In absolute awe watching them this year. 

Just home from training. Took this picture before as after sessions I usually (and currently) resemble the contents of a compost bin. 

Busy weekend ahead. Doing a million and one things tomorrow in town and then on Thursday I’ve got the funeral then work. 

What’s crackalackin’?

Holy improvement. 

I am so excited for Arran next month and camping with a team of not-idiots. We better climb Goatfell because its a good walk and I forgot how incredible it looks from the top - a beautiful view of the West of Scotland. Its about 2 and a half hours to the top. Here’s a sexy picture of it.

In other news I am now going for a bath. I seem to put too little or too many bubbles in these days so I have a feeling today could be the perfect ratio. Im excited. I need this bath because I am tense and all pent up today. I have a swollen knuckle and everything has just been fucking shit. S.S relaxation here I come. 

Welcome to todays ramblings of events and thoughts.

Today I spent 68 minutes, an increase on last Sundays 64 minutes, folding napkins in work. It needs to be done every Sunday, and seeing as I’m in every Sunday I will 100% be doing it every week as I find it ridiculously soothing for some reason. It sends me into some kind of thought provoking mind trance. I enjoy that. We were consistently fairly busy today, but not as busy as I thought it would have been being Fathers Day and all.

Change is happening, now. I have been eating 10 fold healthier since I moved home and playing basketball again between 4-6 nights of the week which is amazing. Today the concept of ‘Tops vs Skins’ popped into my head. If enough strips weren’t brought to a training session, when it came to playing skrimmages against each other, one team would declothe their tops so teams could be easily disinguished. I decided today that if a Tops vs Skins scenario were to pop up soon I wouldn’t be comfortable. I am going to get myself back to the way I was and it will be grand. I will run about naked all the time.

Do you have any ramblings of events or thoughts today? Stick them in my head. 

Decided I never smile, so have a cheeser. Off for some more training :)

Decided I never smile, so have a cheeser. Off for some more training :)

As ridiculous as this sounds I’m really wanting to piss it down just for one day as I really want to train in the rain again. 'Training in the rain separates the good players from the great players, which one are you? as our old coach used to always say.

I always finish my sessions with hitting 10 free throws in a row. It doesn’t matter how steady you’re feeling that day, how little wind there is or how refreshed your legs are, this is always a fucker. I always set aside 15 minutes to do this as the amount of times I hit 9 then elbow fuck the 10th is unbelievable. Even worse at the fact I know exactly why I missed that shot - usually lazyness. Today I hit them in 5 minutes which is sick. Definite progression since I came home.


Today we got pumped by Ireland and every other day this week we have been pumped by a different country. BACK WHEN I WAS A KID even the girls were good. 

Urgh, woman.

Whining teenagers can’t be something we can blame teenagers for, just like we cant blame new born babies for crying - they’re doing it for a reason.

So, here I am jumping into my teenager boots and having a whine about parents.

WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT in having any aspirations in life that are anything but on the straight and narrow line of ‘normal’ - ie boring as fuck? I remember when I first started playing basketball at 8 that my Mum was cool as it was free at my Activity Center and ‘kept me off the streets’ or whatever good she thought it was doing. Then I progress to school and start playing, and she grudgingly would help me out with the £1 away game fee would cost. Then I get drafted to my local team, which yearly subs would need paid, which she viewed as ridiculous’ as its a sport. Then I was drafted very quickly into the West of Scotland team and eventually as Captain of Scotland and would end up having to shell out shitloads of my own money so I could captain my team all across Europe, paying for flights and accom. etc etc. 

Regardless of what happened success wise with basketball, its fucking me off that shes doing the same with music where there ARE jobs out there etc etc blah fucking blah. I didn’t study Music and Business for 2 years, drop out of Uni to get a job in music, only to be offered an AMAZING potential job with the Royal Academy of Music and Sound just for ‘funzies’ or whatever the fuck she thinks I’m doing.

'Oh but its in Edinburgh and thats stupid because you live in Troon'. Yes, and I guess that makes the Moon stupid because its not in Troon either.

Am I fuck having a normal job for the rest of my days. I never felt so at home in my life than the year I spent with Gift - yet 1 shift down at this wanky new pub in Prestwick and I already feel like im strange because Coldplay isn’t the only band on my LastFM

FUCK. Normality is honestly the most depressing fucking concept out.

It’s been 3/4 years since I’ve had a disciplined basketball training and I’m already snapped back in to the mindset of how I used to work.

Before the ball is even in my line of sight, the second its left my hands I know whats wrong with the shot, if anythings wrong. Its gunna pan wide because my elbows sticking out. It’s going to miss short cause my knees weren’t bent. Its too long because the balls not on my fingertips. 9/10 times I know exactly why my shots going to miss, and I love that.

Obviously I hit more than I miss, but I love that without even starting disciplined training yet I can self diagnose my problems - which is half the reason coaches are there. It’s good to know that the 11 years experience and the 5 years of coaching kids paid off.

I am so excited to get back to proper training. Having the motivation to discipline myself on court is half the battle, and it seems like I’m gelling back into this role a lot easier than I thought. Hitting 10 straight free throws at the end of a session was always common practice and thats the only part Im having difficulty with. As I’m nowhere near as physically fit as I used to be. Im fucked at the end of a session now, meaning its damn near impossible to keep concentration, consistent and not get frustrated. Hitting straight 10 usually comes after 10-15 minutes and thats not too bad. Im looking forward to having a net too as the court I use has never had one. Nothing more satisfying than a swish.

Lots and lots of this every day is making me a happier individual.

Found my yearbook. 6th year team - undefeated in Scotland, the UK and Europe (malta, gran canaria, croatia, france, switzerland and more) 2 years running. Going back to training tonight I am an so excited to gel back into this lifestyle.

Never respected a man as much as this individual. Top coach in Scotland 10 years running, still holding tens of European records, and still hustling teens when he’s pushing 70. What a man. He made me who I was for 11 years and took me round the world. Infinite respect. TC