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Bon Iver - Holocene cover

So I did a Bon Iver cover. If you like this, give it a wee like or reblog. I like it.

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Can anyone play guitar or sing AND is able to record themselves? I was mucking around and wrote a wee BMTH - Sleepwalking cover on the stuff I use to write songs (hence my snare drum sounding like a biscuit tin, this isn’t something I usually do) and wanna put the guitar/vocals over it. If you do, lemmy know! If not punch yourself. 

So I’ve delved into the realm of Hip Hop and Grime and I’m doing a Crookers ‘Hip Hop Changed’ cover - if you can rap or know anyone that does then hollaaaaaaa.

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Here’s an example, I covered/cut up/remixed (hate that term) Avicci’s ‘Levels’

People always ask me when I put up covers but this is oneeee hundredddd percentttt made by me. It sounds identical to the song cause im fucking good at making sounds! Obviously the vocals are bumped. Put in your headphones, turn it to 100 and biff. Commence biffing. 

cover nme

Enter Shikari covering ‘Call Me Maybe’. Never thought I’d say that.

This video of mine is from 2009 and I haven’t watched in it years, I’m in knots reading the comments!

'You KNOW he's asian'.
This should honestly be used by korg to sell kp3’s… Fucking awesome man’
oh. my. god. this is so epic. amazing. i’m going to go create another account just so I can like this video again.’

Hahaha :) 

Noah Cover of “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

Mass Effect 3 Cover - An End Once And For All

Just figured out the chord I got wrong and now its annoying me that Ive uploaded it. WAH.

I tweaked and finished my Mass Effect 3 piano track. Made it a little lighter and changed the piano tone. Sounds pretty nice like this. 

Peter Chow’s Justin Bieber cover is SO DAMN GOOD

I want to love KP’s cover of Fountains of Wayne so bad but the vocals are autotuned :(

Yes, random vlogger girl I’ve never heard of, you are correct. 

If you’re not going to be a part of Kony 2012 tomorrow, thats fine, everyone has their own decision. If you’re not going to be apart of it because of these ideas you have about where the money goes, print out your own damn posters like the rest of us and raise some awareness rather than spending your days whining on the internet, adding to the problem.

Your decision.

Kony 2012 Part II, FAO idiots of planet earth.

Started writing the Deus Ex Human Revolution theme a while back. Here’s how its starting to sound.

Still working on this, still rough as hell. Just writing up some ideas! This is the progress & the drop. Feedback?