So I finished my session in the gym and went to the changing room afterwards as usual to change, as you do. Troon is still 500 years behind (I’ll keep you posted on this one) so there aren’t any cubicles, just one long bench of nakedness to get changed at. I’m fine with this anyway cause I’ve got a massive dick. The first thing I do when I go in is take my top off cause I’m SWEATING by the time I’ve finished. So I did this as usual, when a little boy who was with this Dad, the only others in the changing room, went ‘Look at the size of that tattoo!’. The kid must have been no older than 4/5, to which his Dad replied ‘Yeah but that’s for naughty boys’.

Now, I was dicing with the option of saying ‘Excuse me?!’ to him but instead opted for ‘Eh WIT?’ (+5 intimidation points, he shat it). The man replied with ‘Well some parents are fine with bringing up their children this way but I for one am not.’

NOW, if any of you know my mother, you’d know things like she clinically OCD, thinks my fox tattoo on my leg looks like ‘a smelly rat’, still thinks its 1969, is very up to date with current music seeing as her favourite album is Take That’s debut and up until 1 month ago nobody had EVER stayed in my house because my mums so anal and old fashioned about everything.

So no, faggot idiot parent, it has nothing to do with my mums parenting skills.

I then thought that I do not earn enough money in life to sit and re-educate a middle aged man so dropped ‘You’re a fucking idiot’ and left.

You are a piece of shit, fuck you.

Have some quotes from this article, written by a Guardian Editor about her 21 year old son who turned up at home for the summer with a tattoo on his arm.

this idea of getting a tattoo – the hard man act, iron muscles, shaved head, Jason Statham, Ross Kemp. He’s a clever boy.’Insinuating that getting a tattoo deems you unintelligent, of course.

"But what if he wants to be a lawyer? Or an accountant." - The good old ‘you cant get a good job if you get a tattoo line. This woman seems educated. 

'This level of grief is absurd.' - really? REALLY?

'I think – latent anxiety about the trappings of class. As if my son had deliberately turned his back on a light Victoria sponge and stuffed his face with cheap doughnuts.' - Oh, you’re definitely not a snob. Nope. Not at all.

'You're different. I will never look at you in the same way again. If you’d lost your arm in a car accident, I would have understood’. - WOW, that last sentence sums it up. Wow, just…jesus fuck.

If you’d like to read this RIDICULOUS snobby upper class ‘article’ then do so below. Fucking ridiculous.

'My son's tattoo hurt me deeply'


  • Aw god, thats a shame that you’re stuck with that forever.
  • HOW can you think that looks nice? How? HOW?!
  • Hahahahahahaaha
  • All of the above

Tattoo’s are subjective. Saying that, some are just SHITE. 

Get me something sharp, quick. These are the people I have to share the planet with, really. You cant choose your family, you can choose your friends, and I can also choose who’s jugular vein to cut.